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Dell Vostro 1500 User Review

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I bought a Vostro Laptop but I can't find a 4-pin cable to fit it. I'm not boasting, I'm just qualifying my knowledge. I can tell you right now, Apple hardware is no better than any PC that you buy, and I can verify with PO's from Apple headquarters that they actually don't buy top of the line products to integrate as they claim. I really hate the arguement that an Apple is better than a PC, and I wish both sides would shut their traps. Whoever posted about operating systems is absolutely correct, it's not about the hardware at all but it's about the Dell vostro 1500 firewire that you're using. The issue is that the Apple OS is written in such a way that to me it makes no sense whatsoever.

I can't use it. It doesn't operate properly for me in a way that makes sense to my learning and understanding of computing. Some people really like it, and that's OK with me.


I've had zero hardware issues, and I do love the simplicity of the machine. My experience with Apple has been less than stellar when it comes to hardware. My optical drive has failed 4 times in 5 years on my Ibook, and my G4 tower has had 3 hard drive failures since I've bought it. It's not a hard mod, and if you dell vostro 1500 firewire you can find the instructions for it.


Just please, oh please, dell vostro 1500 firewire the love of all that's holy, quit talking about the quality of Apple hardware. Most of the manufacturers offer enough support that you can build a machine very easily with just a little bit of research and acheive what you want with high quality, reliable products.

Dell Vostro 1500

My main point was that there shouldn't be any discussion in hardware because all the internal parts are identical when you get to the board level, and to say one is better than the other in hardware is a completely asinine arguement that can't be won either way. Same goes for OS. Latest: cryzura A moment ago. Windows I opted for the 9-cell extended life battery on the notebook. This battery extends about three-fourths of an inch past the edge of the computer, and spans nearly the entire back. On full brightness, while connected to a wireless access point and watching a DVD, I managed to squeeze 3 hours and 20 minutes out of the battery before it abruptly went into standby. This seems adequate for most purposes, and it is likely that with lower power consumption Word processing on low screen dell vostro 1500 firewire with no wireless, for example would yield above four hours, a reasonable amount of time for a desktop replacement machine.

Like any other Dell laptop, it offers a wide range of features, including graphics, mobile broadband, battery, and a webcam option. The fact the some video is getting out that port suggests that I is generally working under Linux, but there is some configuration preventing it from working when displaying the Xorg server graphical output. Then again, my external Phillips LCD can be a little fussy about resolutions, etc.

If you find a price on eBay that is dell vostro 1500 firewire than ours please let us know. If this item is from a reputable seller and is in fact the same item we will match the price within reason. Do you have this item: The stock we list on eBay is all the stock we currently have available.

SONY handycam DCR-HC28 to a Dell Vostro Firewire? Yahoo Answers

We update our inventory every day, however, so please subscribe to our newsletter or save us to your favorite sellers. Additional information or compatibility requests: All of our items are listed with dell vostro 1500 firewire of the identifying information we have about the item.


If a listing does not have the Make, Model, Brand, or Part Number it is because we do not have that information. Depending on the year or revision of your device dell vostro 1500 firewire parts might not be compatible replacements even if they are from the same model laptop. We offer Fast Free Shipping on all of our domestic items!

If you purchase more than one item in the same day, we will do our best to ship the items together. The magnesium alloy construction remains untouched, leaving it as one of the stronger, yet relatively light laptops on the market. This works really well, however, it makes opening the laptop with one hand much harder, if not impossible. You have firewire ; you can install a firewire card, which will be faster - but, even dell vostro 1500 firewire is fine for video use. Remember the Does anyone know the story on this. I was set to by one (a Vostro ), but after doing a little checking I found that people still seem to have.

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