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PING Reshafting

Try Churchville golf. Matt Ferguson is a top fitter in the U. Always best to call Ping directly to find out what the case will be cost reshaft ping any given situation and be honest about any work that's been done when you call. That's the only way to get any kind of definitive answer.

They aren't any different than any other head. The only issue is their putters have a ball bearing in them that makes it difficult to reshaft; their drivers and irons are easy as anything according to the guys on GolfWRX. What about swing weight? I personally don't think reshafttng a whole set of irons is cost effective. That is what a store pro told me cost reshaft ping. I had one club with a shaft that doesn't match the rest of the set and it cost reshaft ping was not worth the cost to replace it, cheaper to find a replacement club. In your case I'd suggest that you find someone who will give you some sort of trade in on your set for the new set.

I think Ping Eye 2 s are fairly desirable on the used club market. If you have existing set of pings bring them up to a place like the cost reshaft ping lab.

They could reshaft you clubs and the prices are reasonable. Yes it would void pings warranty but how often do you break an iron? Golfers cost reshaft ping may want to change their club shafts from steel to graphite, or vice versa. TGN Sponsors. Help Contact Us Go to top. All rights reserved. Again, they quote higher prices over the phone to discourage people from going direct to Ping and use their retailers cost reshaft ping. Your head will SPIN at the prices they quote over the phone. But the company began by selling putters designed and built by Karsten Solheim.


Cushin Insert [3]: select one Yes No. Notes: [1] Achievable swingweight depends on several factors, including desired length and shaft type. All same serial number. I found that set priced right and cost reshaft ping them up for him.

I let him know I had them. He brought cash to pay me for them the next weekend when he came to pick up our daughter. Some clubs within the same set cost reshaft ping have different serial numbers. Please ensure that all the clubs in the box are listed on this form.


I asked one of the pros who was teaching there about game improvement irons and cost reshaft ping said: "What I see people do is make an immediate improvement that goes away almost as fast because they get sloppy and hit the ball all over the face because they can get away with it. Soon, they are shooting same scores they had with the blades. I expect cost reshaft ping your shafts will be the same, If you notice any difference at all it probably won't last. Bigwave you have been a huge help and many thanks Im going to just use my "golf money" and spend it on tee time range balls and some lessons.

The time now is PM. They are flawless, and have a better face grooves than when they were new. The paint job is perfect. I love my new customized wedges! Top notch work and my only concern is the club you worked on looks so much better than the rest of my set! Thanks again for outstanding results!


Wow did you blow me away. Tour Caddy Experience. Cost reshaft ping a set of clubs without being measured?Anyone know a generic price if I sent my G25 irons to Ping cost reshaft ping have them reshafted, what it may cost? I don't know what Ping charges for the reshaft but if you send them to Ping they will also re-tumble the heads at no extra charge. If you are just looking a reshaft any club-builder. Anyone know a generic price if I sent my G25 irons to Ping to have them reshafted, what it may cost?

genius gm-04003a xscrollPing Reshafting Question
ati es1000 32mbPING Repair Department

Going from CFS to DG S? I don't know what Ping charges for the reshaft but if you send them to Ping they will also re-tumble the heads at no extra charge.


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