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Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro. Xplore Wildcat 5 M2.

Kupa UltraNote X15 Ultra. Panasonic Toughbook Panasonic Toughpad FZ-M1.

Panasonic Toughbook FZ-G1 Fully-Rugged Windows Tablet

Panasonic Toughbook CF-U1. Brian Westover Analyst, Hardware.

But, like with panasonic toughpad many aspects of Windows-based tablet computers, giving the tablet speed is a conscious marketing decision. When Microsoft specified the Tablet PC platform over a decade ago, it wanted no fan and as little warming up as possible.


At the time, that meant a Transmeta processor which, unfortunately, turned out to be much too slow. So the industry switched to Intel chips, which meant the period Tablet PCs needed fans. Until the Intel Atom chips came along, which needed no fans but Vexingly for Microsoft, Apple never had that problem; the iPad was always fast enough and never got hot even without fan. Such is the difference between the Wintel world and the ARM world. Panasonic, already having had a bad experience panasonic toughpad underpowered initial versions of otherwise good products the original Toughbook H1 comes to minddecided with the G1 to err, if anything, on the side of too much power rather than too little.

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And I don't think Panasonic panasonic toughpad to offer less performance than Microsoft with its own Surface Pro That's probably why the Toughpad G1 has an Intel Core iU processor with a base clock speed of 1. That trumps the Surface Pro, which comes with a Core iU that runs at 1. And the chip Panasonic chose also runs at a much faster graphics base frequency vs MHz and maxes out higher as well 1.

Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1 MK2 Intel Core iU GHz - Bob Johnson's Computer Stuff, Inc.

And that despite having the same thermal design power of just 17 watts. Passmark's benchmark suite runs about 30 tests covering CPU, 2D graphics, 3D graphics, memory, and disk and then computes scores for each category and an overall PassMark score. We panasonic toughpad installed CrystalMark r3, our other standard benchmark suite that measures the performance of subsystems in more detail. Panasonic toughpad the two of them, users can get a pretty good idea of the relative performance of a system.

For comparison, we're listing the benchmark numbers we compiled for a few other Intel Core-powered Windows panasonic toughpad with larger screen sizes inches. Sure, Intel is already on the 4th generation of Core processors "Haswell"but the 3rd-gen chip Panasonic chose for the G1 is a powerhouse.

Combined with clever design and the ever more important choice of the best mass storage medium, the Toughpad G1 scorched through the benchmarks, clocking some panasonic toughpad the best numbers we've ever seen, bar none. That said, a few caveats and a couple of commentaries: First, it's notoriously difficult to get consistent benchmarks between processor panasonic toughpad, especially when they also run different versions of the OS bit versions of Windows can, in some situations, perform much better than bit versions.

Second, in order to have the most consistent benchmark numbers, RuggedPCReview has been using panasonic toughpad exact same benchmark suites for several years. With the recent industry-wide move towards solid state disks, many traditional benchmarks seem to place too much weight on mass storage performance. Search: Search. You have no items in your shopping cart. The Toughbook FZ-G1 is a In today's business environment, staying connected is no longer a luxury.

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It's the new standard for doing business.The FZ-G1 Windows® 10 Pro tablet offers a fluid user experience while providing crucial port connectivity and feature-rich options in a compact size. Find the TOUGHPAD Panasonic toughpad with the specific features you need. Introducing Panasonic's fully rugged TOUGHPAD® FZ-G1 panasonic toughpad, the new.


TOUGHBOOK rugged tablets are engineered to improve productivity for mobile workers even in the harshest conditions.

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